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Moe 對四個發音相似的單詞和短語有疑問,這幾個詞分別是 assure,ensure,insure 和短語 make sure。 這幾個詞的意思是什么,為什么容易混淆,我們將通過例句為大家解答。 聽完節目后,你能用以上單詞和短語完成這個填空練習嗎?
ensure 用法:比較assure與insure
從語意上說,ensure 用法和assure 都可譯作“向⋯⋯ 保證”,“擔保”。 但是,ensure 用法是指“保證事情一定能做到”,而assure 是指“保證所說的是真的”。 insure 則總是與“保險”有關係:insure one’s life, property, insure..
31/1/2020 · wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 18 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. The definitions of the three verbs assure, ensure, and insure …
31/1/2020 · How to Use Assure, Ensure and Insure. The definitions of the three verbs assure, ensure, and insure overlap enough to make them synonyms in some cases. Most of the time, though, you can clearly divide them into three separate definitions.
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assure,ensure,insure 與 reassure 的用法比較 assure,ensure,insure與reassure這四個單詞可謂是形近意似,但用法卻不無區別。 ㈠ assure assure用來表示向某人保證某事將要發生,既可以用來確證某事,也可以表示使某人確信(If you
“Ensure” 和 “Insure” 的分別
“Ensure” 和 “Insure” 這兩個英文單字都是動詞,你們知道它們的意思有甚麼不同嗎? “Ensure” 是「確保」的意思。當你要確保某些事會或不會發生的時候,你要用 “Ensure”。 例如: (1) You need to ensure that your accounting records are accurate. 你須要確保你的會計記錄準確。 …
assure,ensure和insure都是由sure派生來的,都與“確定”有關,但詞義和邏輯都有明顯的差別。 assure是“使某人確信,向某人保證”,用法是assure sb ,如:I can assure you …
ensure, insure, assure, guarantee, pledge, promise 這些動詞都有”保證”之意。ensure : 側重使人相信某個行為或力量產生的結果。 insure常與ensure換用,但前者多指經濟方面的保證,保險。assure : 側重指消除某人思想上的懷疑或擔心,從而有達到目的的保證感,但不如ensure普通。
Assure – Ensure – Insure
Insure should only be used when referring to insurance (health, auto, home insurance). Ensure is used when you are saying “to make sure”. anon318952 February 9, 2013 “make sure” = ensure “just in case” = insure I find these thoughts help.


An insurance company will insure your life. 保險公司可為您進行人壽保險。ensure:指保證某事的結果。His help ensured that we were successful. 他的幫助保證了我們的成功。但基本上可以互用 只不過insure是美國用法而ensure是英國用法。 收起
And in the late 19th century, insure was still being used in contexts in which the modern rule requires ensure: “An ardour which could hardly fail to insure success (1862).” The Penguin Writer’s Manual notes that the verb “generally used in the active form to mean “make (something) certain” is ensure ,” but also notes that ensure is often spelled insure in American English.
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他們都有保證的意思,在用法 上有什么不同 asked Mar 8, 2019 in Questions about English Grammar by 118070100223wsw (480 assure,insure,reassure,ensure 的區別 I am in the park 和 I am at the park 有什么區別? 英文的被動句和中文的被動句有什么區別
英語詞匯辨析!外教老師教你如何區別Assure, Ensure, Insure。 PC客戶端連續簽到 7天搶福利 PC客戶端 免費藍光播放 PC客戶端 3倍流暢播放 PC客戶端 提前一小時追劇 PC客戶端 自動更新下載劇集
ensure什么意思及同義詞 滬江詞庫精選ensure是什么意思,英語單詞推薦,用法及解釋,中英文句子翻譯,英語短語,詞匯辨析 單詞分析 這些動詞都有“保證”之意。ensure側重使人相信某個行為或力量產生的結果。 insure常與ensure換用,但前者多指經濟方面的保證,保險。
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What’s the difference between Ensure and Insure? Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to use insure and ensure interchangeably. Ensure means to make sure or to guarantee and insure refers to the financial service of insurance. Contents 1 Examples 2 Video


assure,ensure,insure這三個單詞可謂是形近意似,但用法卻不無區別. assure用來表示向某人保證
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Are insure and ensure interchangeable? Here’s what you need to know in the battle of insure vs. ensure and how to use each one correctly. A: Some stylebooks say yes, and some say no. Are you any less confused? These two words are often used in place of
assure,ensure,insure,reassure的區別_ —— assure,ensure,insure與reassure這四個單詞可謂是形近意似,但用法卻不無區別. 一, assure assure用來表示向某人保證某事將要發生,既可以用來確證某事,也可以表示使某人確信(If you ASSURE a person of something,you promise
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ensure [In5FJE(r); ([email protected])In5FJEr] vt. ensured, ensuring 使…必然發生 (亦作: insure) We can ensure that the work shall be done in the right way. 我們可以保證把工作做好。 “If you want to ensure that you get the diploma, you have to work harder and take all these

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assure ensure insure reassure 用法區別_英語學習_外語學習_教育專區 2026人閱讀|22次下載 assure ensure insure reassure 用法區別_英語學習_外語學習_教育專區。assure,ensure,insure, reassure ensure sb sth ensure sth. ensure that clause insure for sth
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這些動詞都有“保證”之意。ensure側重使人相信某個行為或力量產生的結果。 insure常與ensure換用,但前者多指經濟方面的保證,保險。 assure側重指消除某人思想上的懷疑或擔心,從而有達到目的的保證感,但不如ensure普通。 guarantee指對事物的品質或人的行為及履行義務,義務等承擔責任的保證。
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